Brisbane is home to a number of community centers that provide friendly, localised access to social programs and services. These places can connect you to counselling, parenting support, financial literacy or crisis support.

Kirk designed this Fitzgibbon centre, clad in pre-weathered panels of oxidised steel (Corten). It references the site’s past as a dump for cars and rubbish next to a stretch of bush parkland.

It’s a place to meet

One of the things that makes Brisbane a great place to live is its wide range of cultural offerings. Whether you’re looking for an art gallery, a museum, or a nightclub, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. And the best part is that you can do all of these things without leaving home.

The Brisbane community center is the perfect place to meet and greet your fellow locals. It has everything you need to start a conversation or make one with your friends, and it even has a small kitchen attached so you can whip up a quick meal before or after your meeting. It also has a cool new feature: a small garden in the back that features a mini skylight. It’s a pretty cool place to visit, and it is sure to be a memorable experience for you. We’re proud to be your go-to venue for all things Brisbane. We look forward to seeing you soon!

It’s a place to learn

A permanent home for prayer, worship and enlightenment rests in Brisbane’s CBD. But with the Indonesian church that owned it sold it, the 450-strong Muslim community had nowhere to perform Friday prayers. The community centre eased their pain by securing the former premises and transforming it into an A-Grade facility that the Brisbane community can be proud of.

Local architecture firm Kirk clad the Fitzgibbon community center with panels of oxidised steel that evoke the car wrecks that once sat on its site. Its colonnade features glass and plywood rooms that overlook a maintained garden. It also houses shops, health services and a community hall. Council also hosts a series of online learning courses that support community organisations. These sessions are free to attend and offer insights into strategies that are working for other organisations, as well as ideas for improvements. For more information about these programs, call Council’s online learning team on 07 3403 8888.

It’s a place to play

Brisbane City Council’s community centres are an invaluable resource for the wider community, providing friendly, localised access to a wide range of practical, financial, social and family engagement services. They connect people to community and support services, including counselling, parenting help, financial literacy and crisis support.

Located in the centre of the Brisbane CBD, Jeays Street Community Center offers a range of programs, activities and services that can be booked for community use or a one-off event. It’s perfect for Body Corp meetings, AGMs and other local community events as well as small gatherings like birthdays, weddings and family functions. The facilities include a main hall and small kitchen and garden area in the back. The venue is available for hire Monday to Saturday from 6:30 AM until 12:00 AM (midnight). It is a self-service model and all hirers are responsible for setting up and packing down the facility. It is also a wheelchair accessible venue.

It’s a place to work

Brisbane is a beautiful city and one that cares about its citizens. That’s why it takes pride in its parks and streets. The brisbane community center is no exception to that. It has a large open, unshaded lawn area and a playground that’s perfect for kids of all ages. There are also several picnic tables scattered around the park and a few gazebos that offer some shade for people who want to have a bite to eat outside. The brisbane community center also hosts many programs and events, including body corp meetings, AGMs and weddings.

Council manages a number of halls and facilities that are available to hire for a variety of purposes, such as business functions, plays and musicals, club and group meetings, dances and conferences. To check the live availability of these halls, visit the City of Brisbane website. If you are planning an event, be sure to complete your request online to avoid delays.


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