A large part of the MdS is managing your nutrition, which is where the Primal Blueprint, I believe, delivered major benefits. If you want to compete over the challenging course, you do not want to be slamming down carbs throughout the race. In the heat and with the other physical demands placed on your body, your want your internal engine to concentrate on circulating oxygen and blood to your limbs to keep moving forward, not on your stomach and other digestive functions. My plan, following the blueprint, was for 100g carbs a day, no more. I would rely upon my aerobic engine to do most of the work. Where I needed to exert myself, I would use the 100g carb allowance to accommodate this.

There is a minimum calorie requirement all competitors must have, which is 2000 kcal a day. The event is over 7 days, so runners must carry a total of 14,000kcal on day one. We were allowed to drop by 2000 kcal a day so that on day two you are carrying 10,000 kcals. Being over 6 feet tall and weighing 180 pounds, this 2000 kcal a day would really be minimal. Runners can of course carry more food as they wish—at the cost of lugging it for a potential 145 miles!

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