best club in boca for golf

If you’re a golfer, tennis player or just looking for a good time, you should check out one of the best country clubs in Boca Raton. They offer world-class amenities and some of the finest dining experiences.

They also feature extravagant estate homes designed by top architects. They have a wide range of membership options to fit everyone’s needs.

New York Prime

If you’re in the mood for a hefty steak dinner, there’s no better place to go than New York Prime. It has a dazzling bar scene, an extensive wine list, and a delicious selection of steaks and seafood.

This five-star steakhouse is a popular destination for a reason, thanks to its swift and professional service and classy supper club surroundings. Awarded the “Best Steak” by Boca Raton Magazine and inducted into their Hall of Fame for “Best Steak” it doesn’t hurt that they offer a colossal menu of the best USDA prime steaks, colossal baked shrimp, and a live lobster including the big one (a 12 pounder).

This is no doubt the best restaurant to eat in Boca Raton, with its impressive cocktails, hefty menu, and buzzworthy customer service. Be sure to order the top-notch carpaccio, a good garlic shrimp, and the big lobster. This will be the best night out of the year.

Six Tables

Six Tables is a restaurant in Mizner Plaza Shopping Center that serves a multi-course meal with a glass of sparkling wine and freshly baked bread. It’s a great option for dinner dates or anniversary celebrations, and you’ll want to make a reservation in advance.

Six Tables specializes in European cuisine, and the food here is excellent. You’ll find dishes like fire-grilled artichokes, emerald coast shrimp, and chicken pasta soup. The restaurant also has a selection of wood-fired meals, such as New York strip steak and slow-roasted prime rib.

In addition to its food, Six Tables also offers a selection of cocktails and handcrafted martinis. You’ll also find plenty of dessert options, such as peanut butter mousse and a chocolate cake. The best part is that Six Tables caters to gluten-free eaters. So, you can have a fun evening with the entire family. Plus, you’ll enjoy a beautiful atmosphere! So what are you waiting for? Book your table today!


Located in trendy East Boca Raton and right in the heart of the action are Platforms, a 4200 square foot space boasting a large dance floor and a capacity for 300. Featuring a full bar and impressively large chandeliers, this club also has a unique touch – its interior design is a 70’s disco nite, which will certainly get you in the mood to groove on the town.

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Town Center Mall

The largest mall in Palm Beach County, Town Center Mall is a shopping and dining destination that’s popular with locals and tourists alike. It features a wide variety of retailers from high-end luxury stores to more affordable options.

There are also many dining options available within the mall, including California Pizza Kitchen, La Boulangerie Boul’Mich, Capital Grille, and True Food Kitchen. All of them serve a variety of foods, including Italian, American, sushi, and Japanese cuisine.

One of the best things about visiting Town Center Mall is the variety of restaurants that are available. You can find everything from heart-baked pizza to caviar and champagne. There are even bars that offer a great selection of drinks, from wine to kombucha.


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